Beacon 3D+

Beacon 3D+ Helps You Sell and Produce More Jobs

Get the Beacon 3D+ app for mobile or desktop to enhance your business with everything from accurate measurements, interactive design tools, and fast estimates to digital ordering, all in one place. 

Order Materials in Minutes on Beacon 3D+

Now you can get your roofing material orders placed in minutes, not hours. Beacon 3D+ calculates and populates your orders for you based on how your company uniquely installs.   



Get Accurate Measurements

Don't stop at roofing squares. Beacon 3D+ makes it easy to get to-the-inch measurements for roofs, soffit, fascia, siding, openings, trim, and more.



Help Homeowners Visualize Their Project 

Our collaborative 3D model helps you show what the materials and colors will look like on your customer's home.

With just a few photos, HOVER can create an accurately measured 3D model of a home.

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